Today’s 7 Things That Worry Me About Weaning

Baby Bibi is poorly. She has bronchiolitis and sounds like a sealion with a smoker’s cough. Poor little lamb. This has got her Mama into Worry Mode. Here are the seven things worrying Mama about weaning today:

  1. Winter illnesses messing up her desire for food – We are on day 4 of the bronchiolitis so I’m clearly catastrophising that she will never be well ever again and we’ll never sleep a full night ever again in our whole lives, etc., etc. Our 3½ year old had a seemingly virtually continuous cough/cold/chest infection/tonsillitis/ear infection that lasted from October to March when she was 9-12 months. When she’s not well she doesn’t eat. When she’s not hungry she doesn’t eat (I could learn much from this :-)). She has ended up being a fairly narrow eater and we put some of this down to those lost weeks of experimenting with different flavours as we just wanted to get food into her so stuck with “tried and tested” favourites. (Thank you Ella’s Kitchen pouches). I’m concerned that if Bibi spends the winter pinballing from cold to cold she might end up the same way.
  2. The Mess! One could be forgiven for thinking that this means our house is immaculate. It absolutely isn’t. We look like we have been burgled most of the time. But it doesn’t stop me wishing it were tidy! I find messy playtime with Isabella quite tricky and have had to work on just letting her be creative and get on with whatever colouring/painting task she’s doing rather than keep directing her to paint within the lines or not get glitter everywhere. So once we get weaning there’ll be mess on the kitchen floor, mess on the walls and mess all over Bibi so the already gargantuan washing pile will mount still further. Might have to just turn the heat on and have her in her nappy for mealtimes :-). At least the dogs will eat well off the floor :-)
  3. The new and interesting nappies – At the risk of TMI, we are currently at the “crunchy peanut butter” stage and I dread to think what is going to happen in this department once there are foods introduced. Moving on…
  4. Ever being able to leave the house again – I’m not currently sure how my lovely coffee and cake eating meet-ups with the NCT girls and Rainbow Families mums will accommodate messy weaners! Not all food might be that portable and not all establishments up for having food strewn about. I’m not one for sitting in the house though so this might prove tricky.
  5. “They f**k you up, your mum and dad. They may not mean to, but they do” – As Mr Larkin said, I’m concerned about passing on my picky eater habits to Bibi. The thought of her having a lifetime of trying to force down things that make her gag when trying to be polite out at people’s houses or having her family and friends commenting on her narrow food tastes every time she eats with them, makes me sad. It will be a real challenge for me to try to look enthusiastic about foods I hate so as not to put her off. I am nearly gagging at the thought of having to test bits of cauliflower/swede/aubergine etc to check they aren’t too hot for Bibi. Thank goodness for the NASA-designed heat-sensing spoons we have :-).
  6. Choking! – No doubt we’ll find ourselves in a few choking pickles along the way as Bibi tries her hand at chewing some solids. I do have my Brownie first aid badge but choking is always scary to watch so I’m braced for upside down back-thumping antics if it happens! Eeek!
  7. What if she doesn’t like anything/refuses to try stuff? Bibi seems like quite a chilled out baby so far but the wrestling matches we have had after her jabs and during her first cold trying to get her to swallow some Calpol have been EPIC! What if she point blank refuses to try stuff? I guess we’ll have to cross that bridge if we come to it and so long as she keeps putting on weight through her milk drinking, we’ll be fine.

I’ve worked myself up into a right lather writing this! Let’s just get started once her chest is better and try to chill. Am I being silly or are these worries any other real life mummies have had too?

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