The unmistakeable “clink” of spoon on tooth!

toothBibi has a tooth! We discovered it through the unmistakeable “clink” of metal spoon on bottom gum! She looks a bit lop-sided with only one tooth through at the moment but we are off the starting blocks. We have baby-style korma nappies again to prove that teething is indeed upon us (if the somewhat grouchy behaviour didn’t already give it away). We haven’t had any dribbling or really red cheeks and (THANK FUCK!) no disturbed sleeping but there are definitely rumblings in the mandible jungle. Must be so sore so I feel for the little lamb. We are liberally applying Bonjela when she will allow a finger in her mouth.

In terms of effects on our weaning journey, on days she is sore of gums she eats even less than usual! Sometimes she doesn’t want anything in her mouth at all so my attempts to give her cooling cucumber to suck or bread crusts to have a good go at have failed. Not even her trusty metal spoons provide any relief. We used to give the Big Sister an iced tea towel to chew on (get a tea towel wet and put it in the freezer until it is icy crusty) to relieve some of the pain but Bibi hasn’t been so distressed as to seem to need this. And/or we are parents of a second child so are so frazzled with dealing with two children day in day out that the first time parent neuroses don’t play a part in our lives this time round. Roll on the top front ones so she can get her chops around some chewable foods.

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