Happy (belated) Easter! Bibi encounters chocolate!


We survived the EPIC 10 hour (yes, 10!!) drive to Wales for our Easter break and as a reward for keeping our road rage to the bare minimum and not throttling either child or each other en route, we did the decent thing and tucked in to some chocolatey Easter treats on arrival. I gave Bibi some of Cadbury’s finest milk chocolate as her first taste of the hard stuff. She was typically non-plussed and gave it only the most cursory of nibbles before it melted all over her sweaty little paw.

The Big Sister didn’t have any chocolate until she was at least one (memory is hazy as to the exact age) but then got a taste for Magic Stars thanks to a visit to Granny’s house. She is now pretty obsessed with getting Special Treats almost daily (though only chocolate does it for her; she’s not that interested in other sweeties yet).

Opinion is clearly divided on the To Choc or Not To Choc debate. We know a fair few parents who enforce a total ban on chocolate for their little ones and produce disappointing grape and apple “treats” at birthday parties which makes my sweet-toothed soul weep slightly. On the other hand, we also know several who introduced chocolate willy nilly right from the off when weaning. There doesn’t seem to be any correlation yet between size/weight, teeth issues and fussy eater-dom in the various children in my totally unscientific “study” so the jury’s out on whether putting chocolate on the begged-for “Special Treat Only” pedestal is helpful or unhelpful in the scheme of things.

When did you introduce chocolate? Have you bred a Choczilla? Does having chocolate regularly “normalise” it into something not to be lusted after/abused in later life? Answers on a postcard…

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