About Bibi and her site

hi I’m Bibi. Welcome to my blog! First things first: Yes, I have lots of hair and, yes, I was born with it (no, Mama didn’t get heartburn).

I was born on 11 May 2015 and this is my journey* towards eating solid food. I live in Hassocks, West Sussex with my two mummies (Mummy and Mama), my Big Sister Isabella who is 3½ and our doggies Buddy and Jasper. Mama wanted a chart to help her ensure she introduces me to a variety of new tastes when we start trying solid foods. She’s a picky eater herself so is unlikely to have things like swede, aubergine and cauliflower in the house unless she’s cooking it for me. It’s ironic that Mama’s mum (my Nain**) is a retired Home Economics teacher as unfortunately Mama can’t cook so this is going to be interesting. Wish me luck!

* Gah! the “j” word on the first page of the dratted site! bear with us…

** Welsh for Grandma