How to use our Baby Weaning Chart


When I was preparing to wean baby Bibi, I looked around for a baby weaning chart to which I could add stickers to flag foods I tried her on and how they went down. I couldn’t find one so I made one. I now appear to be one of those women you hear about who start a business while they have a tiny baby and think “what a nutter! how on earth does she have time for that?! how ridiculous!”.

Bibi has an older sister, Isabella, who is now 3½. Isabella has become a bit picky about the food she will eat so I wanted to get her involved by helping to add the stickers to the chart as Bibi tries new things (secretly hoping to dupe her into trying a new food or two herself if I was lucky). I am a hopeless cook (much to the delight of my ex-Home Economics teacher mother :-)) and quite a picky eater myself so I thought I would need help to make sure that baby Bibi tried a variety of tastes. I am highly unlikely to have cauliflower, swede or aubergine in the house unless I get it in specially for Bibi so I’m hoping that this chart will remind me of the different foods out there to try Bibi on so I can expand our shopping basket. On this site I will be documenting how we get on with our weaning journey. I hope you’ll come along for the ride :-).

How to use this chart

The chart is an A3 size poster and comes with red and green stickers.


The idea is that you can stick the chart on your kitchen wall and, when your baby tries a new food, you can record over the picture of that food with a green sticker if they liked it and stick a red sticker over it if they hate it!



The hand of Godzilla applying a sticker! #shouldhavegotahandmodel, #shouldhavegotamanicure, #whydomyhandslooksofat?!

Most advice says to try a food they have turned their nose up at again after a couple of days to see if their taste buds have changed and they might then accept it so you can put a green sticker over the red one if they change their mind on another attempt.

Obviously, I had limited space on the chart so other foods/herbs/spices do exist! These are just ones to get you started. If you’re an #overheardinWaitrose type I’m sure things like olives and tapenade should be on there but I’ve stuck with “mainstream” foods for now. I’ve also dodged the “When should little ones have chocolate for the first time?” bullet by omitting that so no doubt we can argue about that in a few weeks’ time :-)

So, the challenge is on! Who will be first to cover their chart in stickers?! Comment below if you’re making progress :-)