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Mama and her friends are going to find using this chart so helpful in keeping track of what foods they have tried their babies on so far. My big sister Isabella is going to love putting the stickers on the chart and we hope it will introduce a whole new dynamic to our otherwise slightly fraught mealtimes with her as she gets involved in trying new foods to set a good “Big Sister” example.

What is a Baby Weaning Chart?

This is a Baby Weaning Chart to which you or your baby’s older sibling(s) can add stickers to track your progress as you start to introduce your baby to solid food. It is great for both baby led weaning or traditional weaning.

The idea is that you can stick the chart on your kitchen wall and, when your baby tries a new food, you can record over the picture of that food with a green sticker if they liked it and stick a red sticker over it if they hate it! If your baby has a picky eater for an older sibling (like Baby Bibi’s older sister Isabella), you can involve them in adding stickers to the chart in the hope that they might try a new food or two along the way.

Most advice says to try a food they have turned their nose up at again after a couple of days to see if their taste buds have changed and they might then accept it so you can put a green sticker over the red one if they change their mind on another attempt.

I’m a picky eater myself so I thought I needed something to help me ensure that I introduce Baby Bibi to a wide range of new tastes as I’m unlikely to have things like aubergine, cauliflower and swede in the house if I’m not cooking it for her.

What do you get for your money?

The chart costs £9.99 and is an A3 size poster printed on quality 300gsm paper. It comes with 75 red stickers and 75 green stickers which you or your baby’s older sibling(s) can add to the chart to track foods which went down well or made baby make a “Stop Poisoning Me” face. UK postage and packaging is also included in the price. It comes lightly rolled in a sturdy cardboard tube so it should get to you without postie mangling it). We will get it to you as soon as Royal Mail can manage it (usually within 48 hours of your order).

So, if you have a 4-6 month old baby you are starting to think about weaning onto solids or have a friend who has a baby and you think this might help them get to grips with weaning, please buy our chart! Also, parents of twins have reported how useful this chart would be for keeping track of what their little ones have tried so if you have twins or triplets, order your chart and drop us an email so we can add some extra stickers for you (free of charge). Happy munching!

Please ask us any questions you might have by emailing us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can

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