Work with us

Our blog is written by Jenni Tellyn, also known as Mama, who is currently on maternity leave but will go back to masquerading as a capital markets lawyer in 2016. She likes to call herself a “bondgirl” in a fatuous attempt to make the capital markets sound sexy…

Mama lives with her partner Kathryn, a.k.a. Mummy, near Brighton, UK and together they are trying their best not to scar too badly Isabella (born to Mummy in February 2012, aka The Threenager/the Big Sister) and our intrepid weaner baby Bibi (born to Mama in May 2015).

The hectic household is completed by two muppets Buddy (handsome (but emotionally needy) white German Shepherd) and Jasper (soppy black firework-shy Working Cocker Spaniel for whom we have no actual work).

We are very happy to review products and experiences we feel are consistent with the themes of our blog (weaning, child nutrition, parenting challenges, same-sex parenting, picky eating, catastrophic cooking, etc.) or which we think sound WICKED and are begged by The Threenager to accept.

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Mama and Bibi xx